One Night Stand Business Opportunity is this for YOU?

I sure hope not lol! We do not want to be found being casual about earning money or about business. Business opportunities range from $5 to the thousands of dollars. Many people do not take Internet business opportunities seriously and they should.

For whatever reason many people believe that they do not need to work, they do not need to know who the company owners are, how long the company has been in business and what they product is. They just appear to look at some trumped up website promising the pie in the sky but no basis for a realistic way on earning money today.

The fact to the matter is it takes research, education and implementing what you have learned to earn money today. Stay clear from three traps that get people plunging right into a one night stand business opportunity.

Number One Pitfall to stay clear from is: do not join a business opportunity expecting pie in the sky money without doing any work.

Number Two Pitfall to stay clear from is: do not join a business opportunity expecting your team members or your sponsor to do all the work while you sit there expecting some type of spill over and earning money based off others efforts.

Number Three Pitfall to stay clear from is: do not join a business opportunity with getting rich quick in mind. Whatever you gain in haste you will possibly lose in haste.

Personally I believe when people are looking to start an Internet based opportunity they need to either start with a blog and earn from the blog or become a member of a program that is selling courses and being able to sell those courses to others. This is what I call learning and earning.

Turbo Cycler offers a webinar educational library on a variety of courses such as copywriting, excel, microsoft, dreamweaver, self development courses and more.

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Earning Money Today Blogging is Hot!

1. View the video  (click the bottom right square of video to get full screen view)
2. Read the information after you view the video
3. Contact me to learn more specifics if needed

What is a blog?

Earn Money Today Blogging Daily

A blog is a website where people post their opinions, expertise, hobbies and more on a daily or weekly basis.

Reasons people blog

People blog to express creativity, document personal experiences to share with others, stay in touch with friends and family, share practical knowledge and skills, make money, and network just to name a few reasons.

Blogger earns well over $250,000 each year

When I first heard of blogging and how people were earning well over $10,000 per month I did not believe it. Darren from ProBlogger is one blogger that everyone points to because he is successful in blogging. A few years ago he reported that he earned over $250,000 from his blog(s). However, make no mistake it took him a lot of hard work and years to accomplish that type of income.

Tools you need to start a blog.

What exactly do you need to start Blogging?

There are free blogs and there are paid blogs. The free blogs just require an email and you can set up your account with your email and password. For the most part on a free blog you can included advertisement banners from Google Adsense. Each time someone visits your blog and if they find the ads on the blog interesting when they click on the ads to get more information that is a good way to get paid. Also, you can sell products and services and if people buy from your site you can get paid.

Due to not having free control over free blogs most of us have opted to have our very own hosted blog which cost a investment (not alot of money). It is best to be able to own your own content.

Here are a few things you need to set up a hosted blog: a domain name, hosting, web templates and wordpress themes, be familiar with web design such as html and css, familiar with FTP, learn how to use cpanel, fantastico, subdomain, plugins etc. and more.

How do blogs make/earn money?

The most common ways bloggers and website owners earn are: Google Adsense, other ad programs, banner advertisements and text advertisements, people pay to put their ad on the site, selling products goods and services – just a few examples.

earning money today does not have to be CRAZY! and HARD!

All of this is Overwhelming and Complicated! Do you AGREE?

By now many people will have given up. When I first started I quit at least 3 times until I made myself learn how to set up my own hosted blogs. Its time consuming. Let me discuss with you a simple way for you to “earn money today blogging daily or weekly”.

Dave Woods and Dave Sharpe Story

David Wood was living in his van and broke until he started using tools to earn him $30,000 plus per month. He also became the top income earner in his primary business. Dave Sharpe was a construction worker who had a alcoholism problem. He changed his life and found and started using tools to earn him a significant income as well. These two men started the Empower Network.

Empower Network Creators

They struggled themselves when it came to help their team. They became discouraged because people were earning “wussy” commissions. Wussy is one of their favorite terms watch the full video when you get a chance. Anyhow they realize people wanted to earn right away and be able to earn 100% commissions and thus they started/launched Empower Network on Halloween 2011.

Why Empower Network?

Empower Network’s blogging system is for The People. Story after story and testimony after testimony people are earning for their first time online. Blogging is hot and its one of the fastest ways to establish yourself online plus this is how David Wood was able to earn and connect with his team. This system will allow you to earn a monthly residual income. Simply put the owners Dave and Dave set up this system to Empower the People.

What is the product? What am I getting?

The product is a blogging system. Your very own blog where you can post information about your hobbies, your expertise…whatever you want to discuss. The product is a blog. Presently there are over 20,000 people blogging on the Empower Network.

Proof of Commissions paid

Once you have read everything on this blog post and you have watched the video that goes along with it which should be at the top. Go to the bottom of the page and you will be able to see the income earnings.

Since the last few days March 19 to March 21 the company have paid out at least $30,000 in commissions. Its just proof that this is a great marketplace and community to join and begin earning as well.

How do you earn 100% commissions – The Good Stuff
Well you Join Empower Network with Rhonda Kaye, Set up your ewallet, go through the video trainings and stay in contact with Rhonda Kaye, start blogging, tell others and get paid monthly.

Show Me the Money

Okay here is where you see the 100% commissions. Each time you refer someone to buy the $25 per month blogging platform you will earn 100% commissions which is $25. By viewing the picture here is how your compensation will work.

compensation plan

When your first person starts you will earn $25 (and this will go on each month as long as they are active). You will also pay for your ewallet system which is how you will make your monthly payment and how you will receive your monthly commissions. They 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th person who joins you will go up to the person who referred you to the blogging system.

For example you will earn on 1, 3,5,7,8,9,10, 12, 13,14,15 you get the picture lol. Each one of those payments will be $25 going to you. Also keep in mind that you will receive the 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th person from the people you referred to the system as well. This keeps you together and assisting your team.

Join Rhonda Kaye today!

Get back with Rhonda Kaye and JOIN Today!

Whew! I am an everday person. During the day I work for a College Prep Program where I help students graduate high school and go to college. I also started my own consulting/coaching program to help students who are in severe jeopardy of graduating high school on time which can result in them in not having a fulfilling life. I learned that helping people sometimes in this capacity does not pay well, but as I continue to do a good job on teaching people about this blogging system and my other ways of earning money I will be able to do more for youth and the elderly. Here is more about me on another blog post>>>MORE ABOUT RHONDA KAYE<<<

I totally trust that you pretty much understand what I am pointing out to you. I want to be clear and let you know that you are paying for a blogging system that cost $25 per month and your ewallet which is $19.95 per month. Each time you recruit someone (besides the members you pass up to your referrer you will earn $25 per person per month).

I am building a team of everyday people so we can work together to obtain success in our everyday lives.
This method will not take you away from your daily routine however it will be the jumpstart to propel you towards the lifestyle that you really want to lead. I can be reached at 316.665.6918. If you have not seen the video that David Wood and David Sharpe put together I strongly suggest that you watch the video which is the banner to the right of my post and you can learn more by going to the tabs at the top of the blog.

Join Today! Click the Join Now Button


Your Worst Critic by Randy Gage


Your Worst Critic

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We all make mistakes and thats part of the process. Recognize that you are a perfect creation and you will make mistakes and take detours. You will continue to make mistakes until you have learned your lesson. The first thing that will speed up repetitive mistakes is to DECIDE to give yourself to be happy, healthy and prosperous.

Learn how you can blog about whatever you want and earn money today blogging. Listen to how a guy who lived in a van homeless went on to earning $30,000 per month. Now he wants to teach you.

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earn money today blogging

Blogging is the Hottest Thing
Since Parliament Funkadelic

We gonna turn this blogging out.

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Real Faces of the Unemployed


Real Faces of the Unemployed

Unemployment has hit hard these last few years. Although we are back on the rise again with a better economy many people are overlooking our Simple 3 Step Strategy on earning money today.

Its possible and don’t let anyone convince you differently.

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